Friday, October 19, 2012

Making It Real

(written October 1, 2012.)  
So when I was about 8 years old, I had this dream that seemed so far away in time but so simple. All I wanted to do was own and operate my very own restaurant. But not only the restaurant, I wanted an entire complex building. Each floor was going to be home to a different local business and restaurant. I have a name for the building/business, restaurant and even envisioned the design for the entire building.  
As a kid I spent countless hours at my grandfather Jerry's house (aka The Big House), with him, my grandmother Christine and my dad. If my mom had meetings, events, needed a break or when I wanted to see them, I was over there and LOVED every minute of it. Besides my mom teaching me how to make scrambled eggs with cheese and Bisquick biscuits, Papa Jerry was the 1st person who really taught me how to cook. I used to love sitting there in the kitchen listening to him tell me stories about his days in the Navy as a cook.  
One of the most significant highlights of my childhood has to be spending time and cooking with my grandfather. My love and passion for cooking & baking came from my time with Jerry. The joy I felt as a child in the kitchen with him, is a feeling that I always want to have and never lose. Our bond was so much more than that of grandfather and granddaughter. In more ways than one, Jerry helped raise me was my father. So this blog, Golden's Baby, is dedicated to Jerry Golden Jackson.  

With my passion for cooking and baking growing for years, my simple dream from my childhood is finally real. Last Tuesday, September 25th 2012, I left my home in St. Louis and made my way cross country. I know reside in beautiful San Diego, California. Moving away from home, everything that is so familiar, was the first step to making my dream real!  
Today, October 1st was my first official day of culinary school at The Art Institute of California - San Diego. The weeks and days leading up to this have been stressful, joyous, trying, anxious and all other emotions in between. I am forever grateful to God for leading and getting me this far. I will never take this opportunity for granted nor will I stop thanking God daily for this blessing.  
I also have to thank my mother (aka Yo), my best friend, for ALWAYS being there for me 24/7. Endless support, true love and the best shoulder to lean on. We've grown, struggled, laughed, cried, etc. together and will continue to do so. Daddy, I am soooooooo thankful for the relationship that we now have and I pray that it continues to grow. I have to thank my parents for instilling in me that I am and there is only one Léna O. A. Jackson. Letting me know that every one of my dreams were attainable because they, family, friends and the village that they built around me had my back.  
To all my family and friends : THANK YOU for being the absolute best guinea pigs EVER!!! lol Taking a chance on recipes that I've mastered and never tried & being honest with every bite. A special thanks to my Yo & best friend/sister Alicia for pushing and encouraging me to write this blog in the 1st place (over a year ago). Golden's Baby will be recipes and my journey through culinary school & life.  
15 Year Dream Realized,  
Golden's Baby